Monday, August 25, 2008

Monsters in the World

Q: Do you agree with Steinbeck's premise that there "are monsters born in the world"?

A: I do not agree with his premise. I don't think that they are born, but that they are created. experiences and influences help people and creatures become who they are. Everyone has a unique personality that takes part in how they are too. Both personality and experiences take part in how they will react to things when they mature and are forced to go through bigger experiences and hardships.
People are presented with choices almost everyday and everyone will react to it in a diverse way. the character Cathy in East of Eden has been created as a monster. She is wicked in many ways. When she was younger her parents had great views for her future, but perhaps from her view she was being pressured into something she wanted nothing to do with. Maybe from her view of what her parents wanted her to be made her a little crazy perhaps because she couldn't handle it, even though they were great people. She was an unusual child and who knows what Steinbeck's intentions were when he created her.
Overall, everyone is made unique bound by personality and past experiences. A saying i really believe in is "You don't now somebody if you don't know their story."

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